Bad Mood

In dieser englischen Geschichte lest ihr, wie Sparky Spacy hilft, seine Wut zu überwinden
Harald Schröder
Harald Schröder

Spacy is coming back from town. He is in a very bad mood. A car driver passed by. He was driving without paying attention to a big puddle. Spacy became totally wet. The car driver didn’t stop to apologise for his accident. In the bakery one person pushed to the front. And on the way home, the bus driver closed the doors right in front of Spacy’s nose and started driving. Because of all this, Spacy is very angry. “What happened?“ Sparky asks. “Don’t bother me!“ Spacy answers. He goes to his room and slams the door. “Oh my goodness!“ Sparky sighs
After a while Spacy feels sorry for his behaviour. He explains everything to Sparky. “You have to find a way to reduce your anger!“ Sparky says. “You are right!“ Spacy replies. He surfs the Internet.
Two days later Spacy receives a big parcel. He goes to his room and does some handicrafts. Then he calls for Sparky. “Look what I have! When I’m angry now, I will box for a while!“ Spacy smiles. Sparky starts laughing. In the middle of the room hangs a big sandbag and Spacy is wearing boxing gloves.


to be in a bad mood    schlechte Laune haben
puddle    Pfütze
to apologise    sich entschuldigen
accident    Missgeschick
to push to the front    sich vordrängeln
right in front of one’s nose    direkt vor jemandes Nase
don‘t bother me!    Lass mich in Ruhe!
to slam the door    die Tür zuschlagen
Oh my goodness!    Du meine Güte!
to sigh    seufzen
to do some handicrafts    basteln, handarbeiten
anger    Wut
boxing gloves    Boxhandschuhe
Illu: Harald Schröder

Home Sheriffs

The fruits and vegetables in Sparky aund Spacy‘s garden are growing fine. “We will have a very good harvest!“ Sparky rejoices. But the next morning the two friends are quite angry.
Harald Schröder

Restless Night

Spacy has a new pet: a hamster. “Look, how cute it is!“ he says to Sparky.

Skateboard Passion

Sparky and Spacy are watching TV. It‘s a documentary about young skateboarders.

Hay Fever

It´s spring. The first flowers are growing in the garden.