Hiking with Donkeys

Sparky and Spacy are very excited. They enter a contest: Hiking with Donkeys!

The participant, who solves all tasks and is first back from the tour, will be the winner. 
“You will go with Emma! She is a very nice donkey!“ says the organizer. “Here is your envelope with your tasks. Good luck!“
“Fine, let‘s start! I‘m the donkey leader!“ says Spacy. “No problem! I will be the tour guide!“ answers Sparky. “At the fountain we have to choose the path on the left side!“ In the beginning all is going fine. But after a while Emma doesn‘t want to go ahead. The donkey prefers to eat some grass. “Emma, come on! We lose too much time!“ Spacy says. He is pulling the lead. No reaction. He tries to push Emma. No chance. Sparky and Spacy are helpless. Then Spacy has an idea. He whispers Emma something in the ear. And the donkey moves – the whole way Emma walks without any further interruption.
Sparky and Spacy with Emma are the winners. “What did you say to her?“ Sparky wants to know. “I explained to her that everybody will see, that she is the best donkey. And she will receive a special portion of carrots. Donkeys are very smart. They want to understand why they should do something! I like this!“ Spacy says and smiles.


donkey                     Esel
hiking                       Wandern
to enter a contest    an einem Wettbewerb teilnehmen
participant               Teilnehmer
task                          Aufgabe
envelope                  Umschlag
fountain                   Brunnen
path                         Pfad, Weg
ahead                      voran
to eat                       fressen, essen
lead                         Leine


Spacy is a little bit angry. His mobile phone is out of order. He needs a new one. In the evening Sparky and Spacy are watching TV.

Tracks in the Snow

Spacy is sitting in his room. He is reading a book about animals and their tracks in the snow.

Reading for Cats

Sparky and Spacy share their house with two cats. The cats like to go in the garden. But now there is a lot of snow. And it is quite cold.
Harald Schröder

To share gives joy

Spacy is going to the market. He wants to buy nice food for St. Martin‘s day.