Home Sheriffs

The fruits and vegetables in Sparky aund Spacy‘s garden are growing fine. “We will have a very good harvest!“ Sparky rejoices. But the next morning the two friends are quite angry.
Illu: Harald Schröder
Illu: Harald Schröder

Somebody has stolen some pumpkins and cabbages during the night. “Incredible!“ Spacy grumbles. “We need special guards!“ Sparky sighs. “Oh, I have an idea!“ Spacy says. “Let me do it!“

In the afternoon Sparky hears some strange noises in the garden. He goes outside. “Look, these are our new home sheriffs! Geese are the best guards in the world!“ Spacy says. A gaggle of five geese are now Sparky and Spacy‘s new feathered friends. During the night there is suddenly a big row outside.

“Let‘s see what happened!“ Sparky says. With widespread wings, craned necks and honking loudly the geese are driving out the vegetable thief. „He will never come back again!“ Spacy laughs. “Certainly not!“ Sparky answers.


to grow wachsen
harvest Ernte
to rejoice sich freuen
pumpkin Kürbis
cabbage Kohlkopf
guard Wächter
goose/geese Gans/Gänse
widespread ausgebreitet
gaggle of geese Gänseherde
honking loudly laut schnatternd
to drive out vertreiben
Illu: Harald Schröder


Spacy is very busy. He is fiddling with several coins and playing cards. “What are you doing?“ Sparky asks. “I‘m preparing some magic tricks. I‘m doing some conjuring tricks at the carnival party next week!“ Spacy explains.
Illu: Harald Schröder

Snow Sculpture

Sparky is sitting in the armchair. He is reading a book. In the fireplace a fire is burning. Outside it is snowing and snowing and snowing. Spacy looks out of the window.
Illu: Harald Schröder

Merry Christmas!

It‘s Advent season. Spacy is reading the newspaper. “They are preparing a live nativity scene!“ he says to Sparky.
Harald Schröder

Restless Night

Spacy has a new pet: a hamster. “Look, how cute it is!“ he says to Sparky.