Living Eggs

Sparky and Spacy are busy with Easter preparations. “Now we can colour the eggs,“ says Spacy. “Yes, you are right!“ answers Sparky. “Where are the eggs?“ asks Spacy.
Illu: Harald Schröder
Illu: Harald Schröder

“Outside in our little gardenhouse. I bought a little basket with 20 eggs from the organic farmer,“ explains Sparky. “That’s good! I only like eggs from happy chicken,“ says Spacy. He goes to fetch the eggs. After some minutes Sparky hears a big shout. “Oh, that’s impossible! I can’t believe it!“ shouts Spacy. Sparky wants to know what happened and runs to Spacy. In the gardening house he can’t believe his eyes: cute little chicks are looking out of the basket! We will not paint eggs, but we have to build a nice henhouse,“ he says and laughs.


organic farmer Bio-Bauer
chicken Huhn
egg Ei
to fetch sth. etwas holen
to believe one's eyes seinen Augen trauen
henhouse Hühnerstall
chick Küken
Illu: Harald Schröder

Egyptian Drink

Sparky is reading a book on ancient Egypt. He is deeply impressed. “Look how marvelously they could build,“ he shouts to Spacy and shows him a picture of a pyramid.
Illu: Harald Schröder


Spacy is very busy. He is fiddling with several coins and playing cards. “What are you doing?“ Sparky asks. “I‘m preparing some magic tricks. I‘m doing some conjuring tricks at the carnival party next week!“ Spacy explains.
Illu: Harald Schröder

Snow Sculpture

Sparky is sitting in the armchair. He is reading a book. In the fireplace a fire is burning. Outside it is snowing and snowing and snowing. Spacy looks out of the window.
Illu: Harald Schröder

Merry Christmas!

It‘s Advent season. Spacy is reading the newspaper. “They are preparing a live nativity scene!“ he says to Sparky.